Fields of Application
  • Rendering: Creation of waterproof, durable and crack-resistant plasters
  • Basements & swimming pools: Waterproofing of basements, underground walls, swimming pools for increasing resistance to hydrostatic and negative pressure (+Neopress®)
  • Concrete repair: Repair of damaged concrete structures & corrosion protection of steel
  • Flooring: Floors with increased mechanical and chemical properties such as garages, industrials, as well as heated floors
  • Primer: Better adhesion of rendering, mortals, paints onto substrate
  • Bonding of new onto old concrete
  • Reinforcement of tile adhesive: Enhancement of adhesion, water impermeability, elasticity in sensitive places where tiles are applied (e.g. swimming pools,bathrooms, kitchens)
  • Paint improvementImproving agent of water-borne indoor or exterior paints
  • Primer: Diluted 1:3 up to 1:4 with water for priming cementetious surfaces 
  • Excellent impermeability to water
  • Increased adhesion to any substrate
  • Enhances abrasion resistance
  • Withstand contractions & expansions
  • Increases flexural & tensile strength
  • Enhances durability against frost
  • Increased chemical resistance to light acids
  • Multi-functional
  • Construction & repairing use
  • Water-based & environmental friendly 
Price:          C$ /18 kg pack

Sealed tin container 18 kg

Multi-purpose copolymer emulsion specially designed to enhance the properties of cement mortars