Neodur® Special

Sets 10kg (components A&B have fixed weight proportion)
Two-component polyurethane solvent-based paint, suitable for external flooring applications.
Fields of application
Warehouse ramps, garages, metallic constructions, outdoor stores, laundries, gas stations, etc.
Properties and Advantages
Contains UV filters, not affected by the sunlight and weather conditions
It exhibits very good resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress
High chemical resistance (in diluted acids-alkalis, car oil, petroleum, etc.)
Technical Characteristics
  • Appearance: Semi-gloss
  • Density: 1.25-1.30 g/cm3 ± 0,01 Kg/Lt (20oC)
  • Mixing ratios (weight prop.): 75A: 25B
  • Consumption: 350gr/m2 for two layers
  • Drying time (25oC): 3 hours
  • Dry to recoating (25oC): 24 hours
  • Pot life (25oC): 45 minutes
  • Walkability (25oC): 24 hours (The final hardening of the material is achieved after 7-10 days)
  • Abrasion resistance: 58mg (Taber test CS 10/1000/1000)
  • Adhesion strength: ≥3N/mm2 (concrete)
  • Flexibility: PASS (ASTM D522, 180° bend, 1/8" mandrel)
Price:                CAD /10 kg set